Comin Soon... Whapp! $10,000 straight line 3-Point shot basketball tournament!

Men, Women, Wheelchair, and Senior Participants Welcomed to Compete!

Whapp! $10,000 24-foot straight line 3-point shot tournament!

Men, Women, Wheelchair, and Senior Participants are Welcomed to Compete!


The Whapp! 3-point shot contest is open to any adult, male or female over the age of 18. Teens wishing to participate in this contest that are under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign them up in order to compete in this tournament. 

Senior citizens and wheelchair-bound individuals are also encouraged to participate in this event and will have a chance to win cash prizes in their brackets as the top competitor then advance to the finals for a chance to compete for the overall title for the grand prize against able-bodied contestants. 

The 3-point shot line will be set at a distance of 24-feet from the center of the basketball goal, which is only a few inches past the 23.9-inch NBA 3-point shot line. This top-of-key area will be the only area where contestants will be required to shoot from. 

Each round contestants will be paired against over individuals in a one-on-one top-of-the key typesetting with the winner of each round advancing to the next round.

A complimentary gift or goodie bag will be given to each contestant at Del Rio Park on the day of the event.



Participants competing in the contest will shoot from the top of the key 24 feet from the basket. Contestants may shoot flat-footed or from a jump shot position. However, the jump shot shooter’s feet must land behind the 24-foot 3-point line after the shot is released and both feet must land behind the line when their feet hit the ground. 


First Round Competition:
Each participant in the first found will have three opportunities to make at least one shot from a distance of 24 feet from the center of the basketball goal to advance to the second round where they will then compete against others in a heads-up matchup. If they miss all three shots they are eliminated from the contest and will leave with a parting gift.

First-round and only first-round contestants who make their very first shot can continue shooting in an effort to make ten shots in a row which will automatically qualify them to compete in the finals for the grand prize.

Seniors 60-years of age and older and wheelchair-bound participants are encouraged to compete in this tournament.

These two groups will be placed in two separate brackets with the winners of each division receiving $200 and will advance to the finals for the opportunity to compete in the tournament’s overall grand prize.



1. $6,000.00 to the overall winner,

2. $1,500.00 to the second-place finisher

3. $1,000.00 to the third-place finisher

4. $500.00  to the fourth-Place finisher

5. $400.00.  to the 5th-Place winner.

Bonus Prize: $200.00 per category winner in the Senior, Women’s, and Wheelchair divisions with the opportunity to compete for the grand prize in the finals.


This event will be held on April 9, 2022, at  Rio DE Los Angeles State Park in Los Angeles CA.  The event address is 1900 San Fernando Blvd. 90065. Nestled on 247 acres of open spacious land, which features a soccer field, tennis court, baseball field, running trails, and multiple basketball courts with plexiglass backboards Rio De Los Angeles is an ideal place to host our inaugural Whapp! 3-point shot basketball tournament. This mammoth facility offers ample free parking to all visitors through their gates from 9:am to 10:30 pm daily.  

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